Support app for the roulette

The app works by clicking the given number after each turn of the roulette wheel, and on the basis of statistics, the app evaluates 5 different conditions, which consist of 2 to 6 sub-conditions, and in the case that there appears suitable opportunity, it shows you the tip for betting. If conditions are not suitable for the deposit, you´ll perform “the empty turn” by means of, for example, the lowest possible deposit, both on red and black.

The app is on the web, so you can launch it on any device with the web browser (PC with Windows, Linux or Mac, tablet, Smartphone with Android OS or iPhone) and you need the internet connection. The app saves the data in the database on servers, so you don’t need to install anything. It is also optimized for mobile devices. I will create you the personal account after the purchase.

The price 3 EUR is for 4 weeks of use (28 days from the purchase)

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We´ll also send you the access password, in order to test and verify how the app works. If you enter your email address and submit it, you immediately receive the password on your email address.

The net profit in 4 minutes is 6 EUR

On the video, you can see the whole process of the game. In the separate window, you can see active support app and in the left window, there is the roulette of some casino. Totally, performed were 22 turns, and betting was carried out strictly according to the instructions of the app. If accidentally first two recommendations were not successful, the previous deposit was multiplied 3x, so 1 - 3 - 9 - 27 - 81. By recommendation of “the empty turn” was deposited the lowest possible amount, both on red and black. Only once, it was necessary to multiply the deposit 4x. In all other cases, the app was successful regarding to the first and the second recommendation. The result is the net profit of 6 EUR in 4 minutes of the game.

Such statistical behavior, as seen on the video, occurred also during repeated new games. We have tried many other online casinos and also one live-casino roulette in real gambling club, during which we used the app via Smartphone.